Car Recycling & Disposal

Car Recycling or Car Disposal is the process of dismantling the vehicle in to parts, many pieces. The process involves taking our important parts and crushing the rest for metal. With most of the vehicles only the engine will be taken out and the rest through the process of metal. The process falls under many category such as wrecking yard, auto dismantling yard, car spare parts supplier, and recently, auto or vehicle recycling. The industry has been famous especially to the steel companies. Most of the companies often use a crusher to make the size of car bodies in to a very small box so the transportation can be made easy. We at Flash cash for cars will buy your unwanted scrap car for recycling or disposal and we are the experts that will get you up to $8999

Using Our Car Disposal Service

We provide a reliable and hassle free service in Brisbane region and selling your car for disposal or recycling is made easy. You will get up to $8999 instant cash on the spot along with free towing from your premises. The best way to get maximum money is to have the vehicle’s details ready such as the make, model and condition as well as the pick up address. We take note of that, if we could use more parts out of the car then you will get more because we can use the parts to resell. Higher model cars will get you more because there are more demands for it as well as its not time consuming unlike other vehicle that needs to be kept for at least couple weeks in order to use the parts. We have a team of auto dismantlers that are experts in the field and knows how much the car worths including use of parts. Don’t stress too much just give flash cash for cars a call and all your worries will fade away.

You can count on us for being:

  • Reliable Car Recycling Service
  • On Time
  • Top Dollar
  • Licensed auto recycler
  • 100% satisfaction

Eco Friendly Car Recycling

We are also eco friendly company that also take care of the environment such as the process of de gassing and fluids from the vehicles. When using our service you will be in the safe side as we are licensed and insured company.

Old Cars Recycling Brisbane

At Flash cash for cars all our team is well trained to provide you fast and hassle free service. We are ethical and honest when providing cash for your old car. We have all the recycling machineries to make the process easy and this way it will not be time consuming for us. When dealing with us we assure you will receive the best service when it comes to recycling car for cash.

Car Recycling Brisbane


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