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Selling your vehicle isn’t always a hassle-free process. Although you might get a hassle-free option when you give FlashCash for Cars a call! We are the no.1 car buyer in Brisbane and we pay instant cash on all the vehicles that we buy.

Want to sell your car and get a free car removal service in Brisbane? Call Us Now: 0431 313 100


We pay up to $8999 on all cars depending on the make, model, age and condition of the car. What if it’s not a car? You’re in luck because we also buy trucks, vans, utes, 4×4s, SUVs, busses and more.

Brisbane Car Removals Service


Not to worry. We’ll be there for free. Our car collections in Brisbane are always free of charge.

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At Flash Cash for Cars, we always offer free towing for all sorts of vehicles. Our only request is that you have your vehicle parked in a location that allows us easy access. While we do the grunt work of loading the vehicle, we do need the vehicle in a spot that allows us to load it without hassle – just like the sale procedure for your vehicle.

We take pride in our fast and courteous service, while we never charge a towing fee and always make sure that our customers have the best price available in the market.


If you wish to get rid of your unwanted vehicle today, you can give us a call. We will ensure the best price for you for your car. Flash Cash for Cars is a car removal service in Brisbane that offers a wide range of service for the pick-up and removal of the following vehicles:

  • Trucks
  • Van
  • 4×4
  • SUV
  • Bus and much more. There is absolutely no use of that old, useless car in your backyard, occupying your garage. Give Flash Cash for Cars a call on 0431 313 100 for a free quote today!

Services offered by Flash Cash for Cars

Our team is equipped with all the necessary tools and machinery to make the process fast and easy for us as well as you. With a highly qualified team of experts, Flash Cash for Cars is one of the most popular car removal services in Brisbane.

Our Procedure:

It’s a simple procedure, and you will be guided through it with the help of our customer care executives. Our customers care officers are an integral part of our functioning as they ensure the customer’s convenience. With years of experience and intensive knowledge about the automobile industry, they have acquired the best skills. Our customer care managers are also provided with more training as soon as they join our team in order to carry forward our unique way of managing the customers.

The procedure is simple, which makes it even easier for you to follow.

  1. Car Removal in Brisbane is not as easy as you think. But you can make it easy if you get in touch with us. You will need to call us or leave us a completed online quote form. This quote form asks you for a few basic details. Once you have given us these details, you will get a call back from us immediately. You have the option to call us on 0431 313 100
  2. On the call, you will be greeted by a pleasant voice who will ask you for your details, to verify with the online form. If you are a first-time caller at Flash Cash for Cars, you will have to give us your details so that we know who to refer to for the entire duration of the service. Once you have told us of the make, model and the condition of your vehicle, we will do an on-call assessment, that will ensure that you get a free quote after the valuation of your car has been done. This free quote is going to be a top cash offer for your vehicle, and we at Flash Cash for Cars offer cash up to $8999.
  3. We book an appointment with you for your vehicle, and in the meantime, we get your location details. This is important for us to allocate our crew to your assistance. We want you to experience the fastest car removal service in all of Brisbane. This is why we try to make things as easy-flowing as we can.

You can get rid of your old, unwanted car today, NOW, or you have the option to get it done on some other day. We value your schedule and hence after the pickup of your car is done, we pay you cash instantly on the spot.

Our Areas of Functionality in Brisbane

We collect vehicles in all suburbs of Brisbane- even in the most remote locations. We can get to a few locations within an hour, and a few takes about 2 hours. To be the fastest service for car removals, we guarantee the removal of the vehicle within a day.

As soon as we have your vehicle with us, we will make you get the cash for your car right away. Our payment is just as fast as our pick-up. We call ourselves Flash because we want to be associated with speed and efficiency.

We are also part of Elite Car Removals in Newcastle that offers car removal service to all Newcastle regions.

We offer FREE car removal service in all Brisbane region including instant cash on the spot to all our customers! Once you accept our offer, all you need is your photo ID and your vehicle. That is the only movement you will have to do while dealing with Flash Cash for Cars for removal of your car.


To schedule a free car removal, just give us a call at the number mentioned at the top of our webpage.

Complete our “Get a Quote” form or call us on 0431 313 100



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